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Photo Rates

Here you can select options for your specific photo session and their pricing. 

Band portraits 

Capture the essence of your band or musical project by having a selection of photos to use as promotion.  We can take them at a professional studio space or your chosen location. 

Starting at: $300


Press Kit

Have artist portraits, live photos from a show, and a quick blurp about your group to use as promotion for booking shows, interviews, and other promotional opportunities. 


Starting at: $500 


Live Shots 

Do you want fans to see what you are like in action as a band? You'll have stunning pictures of you playing a live show as a way to prove how good you look on stage. 

Starting at: $200 per group 


Family/self portraits/events

Whether you want to have pictures of your family to show off, professional headshots for work or to share with friends,  or to capture a special day, no matter the occasion you'll have photos to cherish forever.


Starting at: $300

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